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September 2018

September 15, 2018

The basis for Vampire Facial-Microneedling

Originally microneedling was a solo treatment that used tiny needles to puncture the skin and get through to the dermal layer. The dermal layer is an additional layer of skin that’s deeper to the surface which produces everything you see. So a healthy dermis means young cells if nourished properly. At the surface, our skin can suffer from trauma such as what happens to the tissue when we touch our face or spend too much time in the sun. A damaged epidermis means anything we apply to our face can’t get through. Microneedling is the treatment that reduced the need…
September 13, 2018

6 ways you can avoid facelift

Getting older is not always about age, but it is hard to ignore it when you begin to see loose skin and undefined features. When all of your friends are talking about getting facelifts, you are sitting pretty because you know you did your due diligence. Your skin is glowing, tight, has a beautiful tone and texture that seems to remain suspended in time. In fact, your friends are going to ask you how you do it! Now, this is a set of secrets you can afford to divulge because you all want to look twenty years younger. However, while…
September 10, 2018

Aging never looked so natural: Boosting Your Skin with Sculptra

Every birthday that rolls around is another reminder that you are one year older. Your skin loses its bounce and vitality as you age. You are finding that topical creams like moisturizers and eye gels are not enough to target and fight back the signs of premature aging. The skin on your temples is thinning and beginning to cave in, your cheeks are looking hollower, your marionette lines are becoming more prominent, and your jowls are starting to peek through. You are looking to age gracefully, but need a little assistance to bolster your skin’s appearance. Sculptra is an excellent…
September 5, 2018

The lowdown on Voluma

Reversing signs of aging is about more than just smoothing away telltale wrinkles. Other changes to face need to be addressed as well to produce a natural result. Fortunately, there are a variety of dermal filler formulations designed to help you achieve all of your cosmetic goals. When it comes to restoring youthful volume to problem spots like the midface and jawline, Voluma is typically the filler of choice. Why We Lose Volume A vibrant face is characterized by areas of volume that add fullness and contour to the facial profile. The most common place where this is seen is…
September 3, 2018


A Magical Combination for Hair Growth Stimulation Thinking about the casual thinning of hair as you age, isn’t something you should keep to yourself. You should tell your doctor about it as soon as it starts so they can help you find a solution that will improve this hair thinning, no matter where you are in this process. But as always, the sooner you let them know, the better. If you’re in the earliest stages of hair thinning or loss, you’ll have a few topical options and others that focus on medications, topical treatments, microneedling and PRP injections. At Ageless…