5 Good Reasons To Choose A Tustin Dermal Filler

When people ask about how effective a Tustin dermal filler is, we answer by telling them their face changes as they age. Wrinkles in full start to form and you can lose volume.

The solution is Tustin cosmetic fillers. These minimally invasive injectables contain hyaluronic acid. They can help you feel better and boost your confidence. Here’s five other reasons to choose one.

Tustin Dermal Filler Irvine

  • You get natural looking results. Advancements in dermal filler techniques allow this goal to be achieved. Your features could be enhanced without looking fake or overdone.
  • A Tustin dermal filler can reverse some of the effects of aging like wrinkles and lines. Marionette lines and smile lines can be deep set and otherwise difficult to remedy.
  • Your lips can get thinner as you age. Skin texture can change and vertical lift lines can merge to make you feel and look older. Dermal fillers target this type of volume loss by plumping up your lips and providing a more youthful appearance.
  • There is usually only minimal downtime. Most patients resume their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment session. They can enjoy their enhanced appearance and a boost in confidence right away.
  • The right dermal filler can also restore volume to your cheeks. The product adds volume just below the surface of your skin so you get a fresh or younger appearance.

There’s more than one type of dermal filler on the market and they are not created equally. Some have synthetic ingredients and those ones last longer. Other products contain hydroponic acid and that gives the skin tone and volume. Other types of fillers use different kinds of collagen.

Other Big Benefits

One of the other big benefits of these products is the fact there’s only a minimal risk. Right after the procedures are done, you might experience a little swelling. Bruising and redness are also common around the site of the injection. These side effects are only minor and they usually fade away after just a few days.

The Right Solution

A Tustin dermal filler is the right solution in many different circumstances. Get in touch with us today at Ageless MD and we can walk you through all of your options. Please check out the appointment policies that you’ll see detailed on our website.