5 Things to look for in a Medspa

All over the United States, there are people that claim they can perform dermal filler and Botox injections, apply laser skin rejuvenation treatments and provide the best skin care assessments. Unfortunately, many of the businesses that do this are spa technicians or run by nurses only without the proper licensure or experience to give you what you’re really looking for regarding safe and nourishing treatments. At Ageless MD, we’re going to give you a list of 5 things to look for in a medspa just in case you’re thinking about heading to a clinic to have anti-aging treatments.

1. Do they have shining reviews?

You may read reviews for the restaurant down the street, but what about for your medspa? The world is digital, and everything you want to know about a person and their skills are usually available online. Do a quick internet search go to see how they conduct treatments and if patients find their services effective. Screening ahead of time can save you time, money and disappointment. Once you know they have a good reputation and their clients are happy, you will most likely be happy with your results too. Bottom feeders who just look for the lowest priced treatments will frequently learn the hard way most of the time that there is a reason the price is so low. You wouldn’t go to the cheapest barber to cut your hair so why would you trust a random person that offers the lowest prices to work on your face without first checking what other clients had to say about their services. Read the individual reviews. You can tell if a review is fabricated or fake based on the amount of information they leave in the review. Ageless MD has 5 star Yelp and Google Reviews and just a skim of some of the reviews will reveal how comfortable clients are in receiving their treatments.

2. Do they showcase the work they have done.

Many Medspas advertise they do botox and fillers but actually do not do that many injections. You would not just trust your accountant who also does website design to give you the best website. Make sure they have sufficient pictures of their work. Many medspas will just showcase their nicely decorated office and skin care products they sell, but they SHOULD showcase their work because that will be what your face will look like after leaving the office.

3. Are they experienced injectors or trained in laser treatments?

Dr. Tsay had previously worked as a Board Certified Emergency Room physician for over 17 years and is highly proficient in the most advanced invasive and noninvasive procedures that one could perform in an emergency setting (i.e. spinal taps, endotracheal intubation, suturing severely injured patients, delivering babies, using ultrasound technologies). This experience translated easily into facial sculpting using dermal fillers, injectables and skin care treatments from microneedling, laser technologies and more. As a bonus Ageless MD is very fortunate to work with a very seasoned laser technician, Shinobu Hayes, that has over 15 years of aesthetics laser experience so your experience will be nothing short of your expectations and extremely comfortable.

4 . Do they speak your language, aesthetically?

Your aesthetics specialist needs to understand what you want and why you want it. It’s not enough for them to take a moment’s glance at your skin and dive into a specific treatment. You’ll want them to spend some time with you before the treatment so they can make recommendations. They should educate you on what condition you have, the underlying cause of the condition, and give you more than one option for taking care of that condition. Also the treatment should be customized to your specific needs.

5. Is there a doctor immediately available? If there was any complication or something went wrong

A majority of Medical Spas are completely run by nurses, and although there are some incredibly talented nurse injectors, the first visit is supposed to require a physician face to patient visit either in person or via Facetime/Skype. When you go visit your primary care doctor it would be strange if he or she interacts with you via a television screen. Dr. Tsay at Ageless MD is present everyday in the office so any issues are immediately dealt with. If someone besides a physician, Nurse Practitioner (NP) , or Physicians Assistant (PA) initiates the very first consultation before a Registered Nurse performs your procedure, that is technically illegal and that nurse is practicing medicine without a medical license—basically pretending to be a doctor. After that initial evaluation by those 3 types of providers called the Good Faith Exam (GFE), the nurse can perform that approved procedure or treatment for 1 year until another GFE is required again.

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