A Beginner’s Guide to Irvine Agnes Treatments

Irvine Agnes is a useful treatment for a variety of different conditions. Here’s a Beginner’s Guide for what you need to know about this innovative solution.

What It Is  

Irvine Agnes Treatments Tustin

This is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency tool that makes the most of micro-insulated needles. These precisely penetrate different layers of your skin at very specific points.

Irvine Agnes delivers RF energy so unwanted fat is reduced. This is the only device that uses a three-pin needle or single pen to target energy directly into specific areas of your skin. These treatments started well over a decade ago and were furthered along by the invention of laser hair removal in the 1990s.

They use effective and stable radiofrequency technology to specifically target certain depths and types of tissues.

What Are The Features?

It’s important they are both effective and safe. All of the needles that are used are micro-insulated and that protects your skin from burning. Many years of anatomical research have gone into the length of the ones that get used.

There is also a safety checking system in place.

What Issues Does Irvine Agnes Treat?

The specially designed needles that get used here tackle specific issues like the following:

  • This is common for older people. The ones that form around your eyes are particularly hard to hide. Even with cosmetics. Agnes inserts radiofrequency microneedles and delivers heat to stimulate collagen.
  • Eye Bags. Lifestyle choices as well as lack of sleep and natural processes can cause this problem. Agnes treats the contours of these eye bags with controlled pulses. Fat cells are destroyed at the right depth.
  • Acne. Selective sebaceous gland destruction is another feature of this treatment process. Agnes precisely destroys and targets the proper sebaceous glands. Best of all, there’s no injury to the surface of your epidermis.

Ageless M.D. provides Irvine Agnes along with a variety of other options. We provide cutting-edge treatments and the ones that our clients specifically ask for. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.