A Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment Checklist

Some people can go through adolescence without the need for looking into Newport Beach Acne Scar treatment. Others are left with craters or pits after battling acne.

Here’s a checklist those people can go through to find some relief.

  • Understanding the different types of scars is the first step toward successful treatment. For example, there are flat crater like ones called boxcar scars. Others are rolling scars because they have their namesake edges. Ones that are very deep and fan are called ice pick scars.
  • RadioFrequency Microneedling is one of the treatments that has been successful. Deep layers of the skin are targeted with good results. This type of Newport Beach acne scar treatment also treats active acne. One of the other advantages is there is very little downtime needed. However, a minimum of four distinct sessions is required.
  • TCA crosshatch is another option with good results. This involves a very strong acidic solution and a toothpick or needle. The treatment burns off the inside of a scar allowing new tissue to form.
  • Subcision therapy is another option. This is generally the right choice for several acne scars that have bonded together.

There is no doubt that suffering from acne scars can be a frustrating experience. However, we offer several different treatments that can make them less of an issue. Still, most of these are permanent. With the right treatment, we can help you reduce the appearance of any of the ones you have.

Being Proactive

The best way to prevent this type of scarring is to be proactive. Breaking out less means that you will be less susceptible to scars. If you do have a breakout, it’s best to avoid irritating the skin. Damaging the underlying tissue by picking out or squeezing a breakout can lead to acne scarring.

The Procedures People Are Looking For

Ageless MD offers several different types of Newport Beach acne scar treatment options. We pride ourselves on offering the types of procedures that people are looking for. These are the most advanced and cutting-edge options available.

Simple Solutions

Dr. TJ Tsay and his staff take great pride in providing simple solutions to problems like acne scarring. Get in touch with us today or come into our state-of-the-art office for a consultation.

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