A Newport Beach Non-Surgical Facelift Checklist For A New You

Take a few minutes to look at the gallery on our website. You’ll see the difference that a Newport Beach nonsurgical facelift makes. We are proud to offer a variety of choices. Please read this checklist of our services that you can use as a pathway to a new you.

Newport Beach Non-Surgical Facelift HIFU

Newport Beach Non-Surgical Facelift Orange County

A handheld device gets used during this treatment. It focuses on ultrasound energy and pinpoints specific areas of your skin. These ultrasound waves penetrate through the surface of your dermis and target deep layers.

Newport Beach Mint PDO Threadlift

Skin sags and we lose volume as we get older. That’s where this Newport Beach Mint PDO Threadlift comes into play. It is well known for its skin regeneration and antiwrinkle properties. It’s very effective and usually gets performed on the neck, lower face or mid-face.

It is FDA approved and it dissolves with time completely. It allows for face lifting in a required direction. What’s more, this innovative solution stimulates dermal collagens.

Newport Beach Dermal Fillers

The Newport Beach dermal fillers that we carry at Ageless M.D. do a number of things well. These products are very good at diminishing facial lines and restoring fullness and volume to your face.

Crows feet and smile lines erupt as we age because facial muscles are close to the surface of the skin. As we age, the skin on our face tends to stretch.

These dermal fillers do a number of things like enhancing contours. They also plump up thin lips and soften facial wrinkles and creases. These products can also be instrumental in removing the shadow underneath your lower eyelids. Ageless M.D. is proud to offer a variety of Newport Beach nonsurgical facelift options. There is one more we would like you to know about in our inventory.

 Newport Beach Agnes

This nonsurgical radiofrequency device is instrumental in treating the bags underneath your eyes. Some people think these treatments are brand-new. However, their history goes back 140 years.

Newport Beach Agnes is also a great option if you’re looking at tightening and/or removing fat from the jowl and neck area.

Safety Check System

Keep in mind that Agnes has a safety check system for the insulated needles that get used.

Get in touch with us today for a consultation. Our priority is helping you look and feel great.