All About Newport Beach Bellafill

One of the first things that patients ask about Newport Beach Bellafill is how long it lasts. We’re happy to tell them it’s called the five-year filler for a good reason. This is a great treatment for acne scars, fine lines and other wrinkles as well as nasolabial fоldѕ.

Here’s the point that most of our patients are concerned about. In a study that was done on a variety of dermal fillers, Newport Beach Bellafill was shown to last for up to five years. That means you’ll get better results with this filler than with some of the others on the market today.

How It Works

Newport Beach Bellafill IrvineWhen we unpack this science for our clients, they see right away how this innovative solution works. It’s an injectable gel that is made up of almost completely purified collagen. One of the big differences here is that Bellafill restores fine lines and wrinkles naturally. Some other products only fill in the lines. 

There are some other differences. For example, other fillers are gradually reabsorbed into your body as time goes on. This isn’t the case with Newport Beach Bellafill. It contains mісrоѕрhеrеѕ that can only be removed through surgery.

Natural Production of Collagen

It makes the whole process more permanent and it stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen. Some people are better candidates for this procedure than others. For example, men or women who are over 21 years of age are ideal. Folks who want to avoid the hassle of regular touch-ups with other fillers are good candidates too.

Newport Beach Juvederm Choices 

One of the most interesting things about the Newport Beach Juvederm options we have are the choices. This is a whole family of fillers that you can use in different ways. We have had patients use this product to fill in deep set wrinkles or just smooth over a few finer lines.

One of the other big advantages to Newport Beach Juvederm is the fact that each of the dermal fillers in this category are FDA approved. That means they are extremely safe and minimally invasive at the same time.

Filler Used 

People ask us how long these treatments take. Generally, anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes for each one. The amount of filler used will depend on several different factors like the amount of volume lost in your face.

If you take a minute to look at our website, you’ll see all the different Newport Beach Juvederm products we carry.