An Irvine Non-Surgical Nose Job Will Give Your Face Proportion

Most people understand how a good first impression can mean taking advantage of an Irvine Non-Surgical Nose Job. We specialize in adding a little volume. It could be a little something to the sides or on the bridge itself. Either way, one of these procedures can change the look of your entire face.

We are always on the cusp of the latest trends when it comes to innovative cosmetic techniques. When our patients told us they wanted an Irvine nonsurgical nose job procedure that could improve nasal contours, we listened.

Durable Filler

Irvine Non-Surgical Nose Job TustinWhen they told us that they wanted straighter noses and a durable filler that could last for as long as possible at a reasonable price, we did our research. After all, it’s important to us to boost the confidence and self-esteem of each and every patient who comes to our clinic.

This type of dermal filler has become popular. There are documented cases where it has been used for various other cosmetic procedures like lip augmentation and the revision of scars.

Different Circumstances

When it comes to Irvine nonsurgical nose job procedures, we find they are most effective in a variety of different circumstances. For example, they are very useful at correcting any kind of the asymmetry as well as enhancing the tip of the nose by adding dimension.

Dr. Tsay uses this specific type of filler that has outstanding lifting power so the shape of the nose is maintained after the injection. His experience has taught him other types of injections may look good at first but gradually fail over time.


Some of our patients are so pleased with the results, they ask for other treatments which include Irvine Jaw Slimming. Patients have come to us over the years complaining they think their jaw looks too wide. In many cases, this can be true. The reason is simple. When we get older, we lose facial structure and our skin begins to sag which causes it to look wider.

That’s where our Irvine Jaw Slimming works wonders. One of the best techniques on the market today is the one we use. It’s convenient and non-invasive. The Botox that we use here actually causes the muscle to shrink over time.

Dr. Tsay understands the intricacies of this procedure. That’s why you can book a free consultation to find out if Irvine Jaw Slimming is right for you.