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Anal Bleaching Procedure in Irvine, Newport Beach or Orange County

Irvine Anal bleaching and/or intimate bleaching in Tustin is the process of lightening unwanted pigmentation in the skin around the anus or around the genitalia in men or women. 

It started in the adult film industry, but has since spread to well-known Hollywood stars, and now to everyday women and men all around the world. Many people find this process increases their self-confidence and enables them to feel more comfortable with this part of their body.

At Ageless MD we utilize the latest technology in order to achieve true anal bleaching Irvine. The laser selection depends on the skin type and for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1-4. We would utilize our IPL laser to accomplish this task. An IPL laser device sends out pulsed light on the skin to seek out the dark pigment of the skin. Afterwards, most patients will experience a slight darkening of the pigmented areas immediately following treatment. Over the next several days or weeks, the pigment will begin to fade, ultimately leaving the affected area clear of any pigment. You are left with a uniform skin tone throughout the entire area. We generally recommend 5 treatment sessions with the IPL to accomplish your desired results.

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For those individuals with Fitzpatrick skin type 5 or 6, the IPL would not be the best modality and hence we would utilize a Qswitch 1064 nm ND:Yag laser to slowly decrease the pigment and discoloration around the anus and perineal area. This laser does take more sessions since Skin types 5 and 6 are more prone to hyperpigmention and hence requires a different laser modality. The end results are the same utilizing either of these two lasers but a consultation and skin assessment would be required to determine which laser is best. Both laser treatments are combined with a skin lightening cream to maximize results.

Regardless of which laser is determined to be the best treatment, the patient is recommended to not get waxed or even undergo a complete laser hair removal to completely remove the hair in that area. The reason is that excessive hair in the perineal area and around the anus as well as recurrent waxing treatments can cause excessive and unwanted hyperpigmentation. Removing the unwanted hair is ideal prior to beginning the bleaching regimen. Feel free to call the office to discuss with a professional regarding this procedure and include a formal skin assessment to determine which treatment modality is best for your skin type.

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