Newport Beach Kybella

What’s Good About Newport Beach Kybella

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Newport Beach Kybella is safe and effective. In fact, it stands alone as the only FDA approved treatment of its kind. We like to use it to destroy fat cells. Our treatment focuses on the area under your chin. One of the other bonuses to this product is it starts to work quickly. It takes a month to notice results. If you’ve got a double chin, come in and see us. We can help you with that kind of issue. No one wants to look heavier or older than they actually are. Avoid Invasive Surgery Newport Beach Kybella can help…

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Orange County Acne Scar Treatment

Orange County Acne Scar Treatment That Reverses Low Self Esteem

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We see a variety of people coming into our office for Orange County Acne Scar Treatment. Some are young and some are old but they all have one thing in common. They suffer from low self-esteem because of the pits and craters left on their face. We can help with our Orange County Acne Scar Treatment procedure. We have a variety of excellent treatments all designed to get rid of the pits and inflammatory redness. These treatments start with one of the latest innovations in technology. Unsightly Blemishes The IPL laser we use targets those unsightly blemishes left over by…

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Tustin Sculptra Butt Lift

Tustin Sculptra Butt Lift Because Nothing Gets Left Behind

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A big part of looking your best includes our Tustin Sculptra Butt Lift. At Ageless MD we are always looking for the latest treatments to help you look younger. Dr. TJ Tsay understands that some of the problems affecting your confidence are small and others more complicated. That’s why we have a wide variety of services. They can do a variety of things like tighten loose skin and smooth out wrinkles. We even have a particular procedure to reduce acne scars. Perky When it comes to making your backside look perky and attractive, we always recommend Tustin Sculptra Butt Lift….

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Newport Mint Thread Lift

Look What a Newport Beach Mint Thread Lift Can Do for You

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Our patients want simple effective treatments like the Newport Beach mint thread lift. We suggest this procedure for those folks who want to tighten up their skin without invasive surgery. Most people want to look good. They understand that having good skin and contours makes them feel better. There are several focuses to this minimally invasive nonsurgical thread. It helps as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Newport Beach mint thread lift also helps with other signs of aging like sagging skin. Two Types Simple and effective. Those are two of the words that we hear used to describe this procedure. It’s simple…

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Irvine Jaw Slimming

How Irvine Jaw Slimming Helps You to Look Younger

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Everybody wants to look their best and that’s why we’ve spent the time we have on Irvine jaw slimming. Some people appear to have jaws that are quite wide. This can be the result of a variety of different things. When excess fat tissue builds up in your cheeks, the lower part of the face protrudes. As we age, our skin tends to sag. That’s another reason for the appearance of a wider jaw. Our procedures will give you a youthful looking V-shaped jaw. Here is how are Irvine jaw slimming techniques accomplish that goal. Advanced Procedures Ageless MD offers…

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Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift

The Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift: It’s About Appreciating the Behind!

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We get more calls everyday about our Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift. It’s no wonder when you really think about it. The rear end is gaining popularity and appreciation. That’s why we have a steady stream of patients hoping to change this popular body part.  Most of them tell us they don’t want to have surgery. That’s where this innovative process comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that’s used to increase collagen production. It’s a natural remedy that thickens the skin and lifts your butt. Advantages Some of the advantages include the fact there is very little downtime. Because there’s…

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Irvine Bellafill

Irvine Bellafill: Why It’s Called the Five-Year Filler

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Irvine Bellafill is FDA approved. It’s one of the fillers that we use to help patients with smile lines. Not only is it government sanctioned, it also lasts for up to five years. These are two of the big reasons that we recommended to our patients. Providing self-esteem and confidence is one of our priorities. Irvine Bellafill also works on acne scars for up to one full year. You can see results after only one office visit. It’s a great way to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Here are some of the other advantages to this innovative treatment: It works…

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Orange County Jaw Slimming

Orange County Jaw Slimming that’s Safe and Effective

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We have a variety of excellent services including Orange County jaw slimming. We are dedicated to making sure everyone gets the right cosmetic treatment. Our experts understand how important these are. Not only do they make you look great. They make you feel better too. When it comes to Orange County jaw slimming, there are several products to choose from. One of the techniques that has a history of outstanding results is Botox. There are a variety of options with this filler. For example, it can be injected under the chin to make the face appear longer and more defined….

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Tustin Liquid Facelift

Tustin Liquid Facelift to Help You Look Your Best

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We want you to look your best with our Tustin Liquid Facelift. This is an innovative procedure. Ageless MD offers services that are cutting edge. We offer what people are looking for when they ask about skin rejuvenation. The procedures we use are noninvasive and they provide simple solutions to issues like wrinkles. This Tustin Liquid Facelift is very helpful for people who want work done under their eyes and on their forehead. This service reverses the appearance of aging. We understand that people want to look their very best in every situation. Social Events That goes for social events…

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Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation

Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation. The New Standard

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We are always looking for the latest in technology like the Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation. This is a cosmetic tool that’s rewriting the book on Q-Swіtсhеd lаѕеrѕ. This technology has several features that separate it from the competition. Those features make it both effective and safe for a variety of different areas that our patients want treated.  For example, the laser peel treatment is excellent for rejuvenating skin tone and lightning the skin. If you’re looking for skin tone resembling a porcelain doll, we recommend Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation. Complete and Safe The process that we…

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