Calf Slimming Injections Tustin

A busy lifestyle often leads to over-eating and over-using of calf muscles. All of this causes hypertrophy which can give the calves a carrot-shaped look. A lot of patients are unhappy with how their lower legs look because of bulky calves. These patients want slimmer legs and to get rid of the bulkiness. This can be treated with an injection of Botox which will help with reducing the bulk and muscle. It is able to sculpt and define the muscles into a more desirable, slimmer form. Botox is effective because it can temporarily reduce muscle function in the area where it is applied. When it is injected into the calf, the muscles will shrink due to lack of use. It causes the injected muscles to go to rest, and leads to the muscles reduction without the need for any invasive surgery. The result is a smoother and slimmer look.

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This treatment helps patients to regain their confidence and be able to have the legs they’ve always wanted. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes and is done by our experienced doctor, Dr. Tsay. Numbing cream is applied to the area 15 minutes before injection. After the injection, the calves will gradually reduce in size over one month. The maximal effects take place after 2-3 months. More treatments can be done to reach desired appearance. This procedure doesn’t restrict calf function, and all regular activities can be resumed after the injection. There is no down-time and the whole treatment is painless and quick. In addition, it leaves no scars, reduces the overall prominence of the calf muscle and is a non-invasive procedure.

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