Common Myths About Tustin Dermal Filler Products Debunked

As time marches on, many people see the need for a Tustin dermal filler.  When people age, their skin starts to wrinkle, crease and sag. Tustin dermal fillers are medical treatments that can rejuvenate your face by enhancing contours and restoring volume.

Still, there are a number of misconceptions about these safe and effective treatments. We have debunked a few of them in the blog below.

Myth: Botox and Dermal Fillers are The Same Thing.

These products are excellent for turning back the hands of time. They both reduce wrinkles so people incorrectly assume they are the same thing. Dermal fillers improve facial contours by plumping up the skin. On the other hand, Botox suspends muscular activity in treated areas.

Myth: All Tustin Dermal Filler Products Are The Same

This is one of the bigger myths that need to be debunked. Basically, because even products under the same brand name do different things and have different properties. For example, some of the most popular products include Juvederm. All of these are made with a form of hyaluronic acid.

There are five different versions of these products. Each one does something a little different.

Myth: These Products Make You Look Unnatural

Every person who undergoes one of these special procedures has a unique face. However, inexperience and inadequate training are the two biggest reasons for artificial-looking results. Finding a team of experts who have the skills and experience with injectable fillers can make all the difference. You’ll have a natural-looking beautiful appearance.

Myth: Dermal Fillers Only Treat Wrinkles

Many patients request these products to treat severe to moderate wrinkles. However, they can be used for a number of concerns. Currently, dermal fillers are a popular choice for people looking to plump their lips up. They can also be used for a weak jawline and/or sunken cheeks.

Myth: Getting A Dermal Filler is Painful

The truth is many people report these injections only feeling like a small pinch. The needle that gets used is very small. However, some people who are having their lips treated prefer the injector numb the area before the session starts.

Ageless MD can walk you through the different Tustin dermal filler products that we use. This type of cosmetic procedure is a big part of our practice. Why not get in touch with us today so we can supply you with the lips that you have always dreamed about?

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