Considering Orange County Penis Enlargement? Read This.

When men come to us asking about our Orange County penis enlargement techniques, we tell them they have a variety to choose from. The kind of results they get depends on the procedure they choose. We want all of our patients to be well informed on Orange County penile enhancement options.

That’s why we’ve put together some of the most popular choices. 

  • There are a variety of different male enhancement products like lotions and pills. Most of them boost the blood supply to the penis but they are only short lived.
  • Stretching exercises can be found on the Internet. However, there isn’t much proof that any of these actually increase the size of your penis. They talk about working over a period of time but never specify how long that is.
  • There are a variety of pumps to choose from that are also known as vacuums. They use a chamber to increase the blood flow. However, the results are only short lived once the pump is removed. The penis almost always goes back to its original size. 

Penile Enhancement Surgery

Some patients who have tried the techniques listed above wind up believing that Orange County penis enlargement surgery is the answer. They need to keep in mind that there are certain risks including infections and possible damage to blood vessels and nerves.

There is even the possibility of side effects from the anesthesia that’s used. This doesn’t happen very often but it is a concern. Some patients have even reported scarring from this type of surgery.


All of these other options bring us to fillers. These have been used traditionally to plump up cheeks and lips. However, now men can use these same dermal filler products to increase their girth either temporarily or semi-permanently. 

There are several candidates that will get the best results from fillers. These include men who have below average penis width or girth and a lack of confidence. They should also have realistic expectations about what to expect from these types of injectable fillers.

These dermal fillers work in the same way they do on other parts of your body like the face. Dr. Tsay understands that any FDA approved product can be used. However, his experience has taught him to favor certain products when it comes to Orange County penis enlargement.