Cutting Edge Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment

Ageless MD supplies Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment that makes a big difference. Dr. TJ Tsay has put together an expert staff. They look after simple problems like acne and wrinkles. They are just as skilled at dealing with more complex procedures like non-surgical eyelid lifting.

Take a few minutes to look at the gallery. Our patients have put together some gorgeous selfies that show off our work. 

People come to us looking for help with the craters and pits left from acne. These are the terrible reminders of the issues that once plagued their skin. Women cover these over with makeup. This can collect and make acne scarring even more obvious.

What Are Acne Scars?

Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment TustinPeople call the discoloration after acne scarring. However, that’s not always the case. What is quite often an inflammatory redness can be improved with laser technology. The IPL laser we use targets the redness specifically. It also attacks the bacteria causing it.

Coming in to see us for a consultation is the first step. Before deciding on the proper Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment, we can classify your acne scars. There are generally three different categories.

  • Like the name suggests, acne scars with ruling edges are called rolling scars. These are characterized by deep cave-like craters.
  • If they are deep and very thin, we call them ice pick scars.
  • Depressed marks are called boxcar scars. 

Patients need to remember scarring is permanent. Any procedure we use won’t get rid of them completely. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our business. Think of it this way. A burn scar never really goes away. The same goes for some acne scarring.

There are a variety of treatment options available. Some are too aggressive and others don’t treat the proper tissue. Some laser therapies require a very long downtime and multiple applications. One of the latest innovations in the field is Secret Radio Frequency Micro Needling

Active Acne 

It targets the deepest layers of the skin to get the job done properly. It can treat active acne as well as scarring.

One of the big advantages here is the fact there is very little downtime. We suggest four different sessions spaced three weeks apart. Fillers can also be useful because they last five years or more. Bellafill is FDA approved.

Our Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment toolbox can include several different types of treatments.