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Are you searching for the latest innovation in nonsurgical skin tightening? Look no further than Endolift Laser, a cutting-edge technology that promises remarkable results without invasive procedures.

What is Endolift?

Endolift is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive skin tightening treatment that stimulates collagen production and reduces excess fat. The results in the treated area are immediate with minimal downtime and long-term. They will continue to improve over several months, with optimal results visible about 3-6 months after the procedure.


Endolift works best for skin tightening procedures to tighten loose and crepey skin.  It also reduces fat in lower eyelids, malar bags (festoons), lower face, mouth, jawline, and neck

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How does Endolift work?

An endolift is a safe and effective nonsurgical skin tightening procedure. Endolift utilizes a single micro optical fiber inserted into the superficial hypodermis without incisions. The fiber passes through the dermal layer to transmit energy effectively. 

The 1470 nm laser tightens skin by interacting with water and fat. This creates a “shrinkwrap” effect and stimulates collagen formation for rejuvenation. When the treatment is complete, we proceed to remove the fiber. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Endolift Laser in Tustin

Endolift is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment which does not require anesthesia, incisions, or sutures.

There is little to no discomfort and downtime in which patients can resume daily activities almost immediately after treatment. There may be some bruising and swelling after the treatment which can take up to 2 weeks to resolve.

We can perform Endolift in the lower eyelid, lower face, jawline, under chin, neck, inner arms, abdomen, gluteus, inner thighs, knees, and ankles.

You can visualize significant results from one treatment session. However, we recommend having more than one session.

We will provide a facial compression wrap if the treatment is on the face. We recommend wearing it for as long as possible, ideally for one week. Please avoid any strenuous physical activity, hot baths, sauna, steam, and alcohol for the next 72 hours. It is advisable to drink plenty of water.

Results are immediate and long-lasting. They will continue to improve over several months as collagen builds in the deep layers of the skin. The results can last 2-3 years, and experts recommend repeating the procedure annually to maintain the results.

Endolift is beneficial for those with mild to moderate skin laxity. We will require a consultation before booking to ensure that Endolift is the best option to address your concerns.

Endolift is not for those who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

If you are looking for Endolift laser reviews, check out what our clients have had to say about our procedures:

“I have always wanted a snatched jaw line. So I asked around and was recommended to Ageless MD - specifically Dr.Tsy. I made an appointment with the office and couldn’t wait to go in. Dr.Tsy and his staff were kind and informative.everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable. My experience was everything I hoped for. My jaw came out exactly the way I dreamed it would. After about two weeks I was invited back for a check up and Dr.Tsy put in some finishing touches creating the perfect look I always wanted. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. He is the best in the business. You will absolutely leave there happy.”
- Amber M.
“Dr. Tsay and his team are the best! From the very start my experience was amazing. Very easy to set up a consultation and book an appointment. The team was so kind and they sent follow up texts after my appointment to check in on my healing progress, which I did not expect but greatly appreciated. It’s those small things that set them apart from the rest. He’s so great I even recommended him to my mom. I’m extremely happy with my results and would go back to Dr. Tsay for any future cosmetic procedures!”
- Sabrina R.
“Dr. Tsay is a bonafide artist! He is extremely talented at what he does and I greatly appreciate all the wonderful enhancements and recommendations he has provided me in order to make me feel and look naturally younger…let’s face it, it’s all about the proper maintenance when you grow older as you find the right expert to help you navigate that journey! Kudos to his wonderful team (Tanya and Danielle) who are so helpful and knowledgeable with their jobs. The office is just so grand, inviting, and high-tech and they pretty much offer a ton of services for all your anti-aging and wellness needs! Thank you, Team Ageless MD!”
- Sino T.

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