Get Rid of Acne Scarring with Orange County Agnes Treatments

Orange County Agnes Treatments are the latest innovation that can attack active oil glands that keep reoccurring in the same areas. One of the big benefits to this treatment is the fact that it can attack and destroy the offending glands without any injury to the skin itself.

Orange County Agnes Treatments TustinHere’s how it works. The treatment consists of a small needle that has a radiofrequency current running through it. This is used on the offending oil glands. Because the needle is microscopic, the location causing the acne scarring can be targeted very accurately.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect. 

  • You’ll experience only minimal discomfort. However, Ageless M.D. likes to give you the option of an anesthetic cream we can apply 30 minutes before the treatment starts.
  • Next, your skin will be prepared. That usually involves both scaling and cleansing.
  • Afterwards, the microneedles are used to attack and destroy the offending glands.

These treatments are completely safe. What’s more, they are an excellent choice because they don’t damage any skin surrounding the treatment area. Only a small percentage of patients report recurring acne after Orange County Agnes treatments.

If you’re looking for a treatment that can help you with bags under your eyes, this is it. One of the advantages to using Agnes is the fact it’s noninvasive. That means there’s no incisions needed.

Much Younger

There are some other big pluses. Patients tell us they are especially pleased because the shape of their eyes doesn’t change. They say they look much younger but not different in any way.

One of the other things they rave about is the fact there’s no change in their daily routines.

Looking For Results?

Of course one of the other big questions patients have is how long it will take to see results. That depends on your individual situation. Some people need a few different sessions while others are fine with one single treatment. Generally, we recommend several for visible improvements.

It’s also a good suggestion to repeat them every several months after the initial session. Patients should set aside anywhere from a half an hour to a full hour for each application in our offices. 

Orange County Agnes Treatments provide proven results when you’re looking to reduce blackheads and the size of your pores.  Contact Ageless M.D. today to learn more about these treatments and the others in our portfolio.