HCG Weight Loss

The HCG diet was originally developed in the 1950’s when they found out the HCG hormone secreted during pregnancy could be paired with a low-calorie diet.

Weight is lost because the body is stimulated to use the stored fat for energy. The hormone encourages the hypothalamus to reset the integrated play systems and develop a new set point for weight. This is a safe and natural process that will not cause side effects.

There is a 23-day option and a 40-day option for this diet. Patients with less than 15 pounds to lose should use HCG for no more than 23 days.

Patients with more than 15 pounds to lose may use up to 40 days of HCG.

The HCG hormone should not be used for more than 40 days because of the increased possibility of developing a tolerance to the hormone.

The first and second days of this diet begin with the forced feeding regimen or so called “gorge days.” At this time, you can eat as much of any food you want, especially fatty foods.

After 3 days, you will begin your diet and will continue until you go on the maintenance. During this time, start adding regular food. Daily or weekly weigh-ins are desired.

NOTE: It is recommended that women begin the program immediately after a menstrual cycle. Stop HCG during the menstrual cycle. Please inform nurses when you are on your cycle.

This diet consists of eating only 500 calories per day. It is essential to cut fats and oils out of the diet. This is because you are trying to use HCG to trick the body into thinking it’s pregnant. When fat is cut out from the diet, the body will break down any other fat to feed the fetus. The fat and oil intake is not just limited to foods, you need to be careful of any lotions, shampoos, conditioner, hair spray or other body products that you put on that may contain fats. Any absorption of fats can negatively affect the results.

There is a list of foods you must eat including 4 cups of vegetables, 2 servings of approved fruits, 8 OZ of lean meat or white fish, 100 cal of MELBA toast and a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Other foods you can eat will all be on an approved list. You will keep a food journal of everything you eat.

During the diet, you can exercise 20-30 minutes per day of gentle walking, yoga, or 15 minutes of cardio strength training. There is no exercise requirement and exercising is completely optional.

We will instruct you on how to give yourself the HCG injections everyday. It is a simple process with a tiny syringe. We will give you a MIC-Methionine/Inositol/ Choline (Lipotropic shot or “fat burning shot”) once per week to speed up the fat burning process. In addition, we will also give you B12/B complex injections every 7 days to help boost your energy and replace lost vitamins.

You will be given a food scale to weigh your protein. It is extremely crucial to keep track of everything.

The HCG diet has been proven to be immensely effective and a quick, easy way to lose weight. Let us transform your body, help you live a healthier lifestyle and boost your self-confidence!

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