Here Are Some of the Uses for Irvine Dermal Filler Products

We carry a variety of Irvine Dermal Filler products. The names we have in our inventory like  Voluma and Juvederm all contain hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that can be found throughout your skin and body. The highest concentrations are in your joints and eyes.

Cosmetic Fillers 

Before we decide on which Irvine cosmetic fillers will be best for you, we will want to go over your medical history. Our experts at Ageless M.D. will also want to examine the area that’s going to be treated. These should be kept clean. If there’s any kind of skin infection, treatments will be postponed until it heals.

Blood Clotting 

Dermal fillers should not be used on patients who have uncontrolled diabetes or blood clotting issues. The same goes for people with oral herpes or similar infections. Any connective tissue disorder like lupus will also disqualify you.

The Different Uses for Irvine Dermal Filler Products

  • Acne scars. When skin pores become engorged with bacteria, dead  skin cells and excess oil gather. The inflamed blemishes are called acne scars. The follicle wall breaks when the pore swells. There are several different social, emotional and physical reasons to treat acne scars. They include better skin health, enhanced self-esteem and improved appearance.
  • Aging Skin. There are two main reasons why your skin starts to age. First is the natural process of aging and second is damage from the sun. There are several reasons for treating your skin as you get older. They include better self-esteem and skin health and satisfying the need to appear healthier and younger. Dermal fillers are an option to treat this condition. These products can be used to smooth and soften creases, wrinkles and fill in and elevate deep folds. Usually patients need a series of treatments to get the results they’re looking for.
  • Scars. These can be emotionally devastating for many different types of people. Untreated, scars can lead to both emotional and mental complications. They can be unappealing and even disfiguring. Sleep disturbances, pain and tenderness can be side effects of scarring.

Irvine cosmetic fillers are a perfect and safe tool if you’re looking to smooth over some deep set wrinkles or fine lines. These fillers are injectable, very safe and minimally invasive. Most of these products use lidocaine so the procedure isn’t painful or uncomfortable.