Here Are The Best Orange County Acne Scar Treatment Choices

The Orange County Acne Scar Treatment we supply is designed to look after three different varieties of scars. The rolling scars are deep like craters. The boxcar variety are flat. Ice pick acne scars are thin and deep.

Acne scars are permanent. There’s no real way to get rid of them completely. These are the same as the ones you get from a burn because they can never be completely healed. 


Orange County Acne Scar Treatment TustinSome of the treatments offered like micro dermabrasion only works superficially. They can improve the look slightly, but this technique does not attack the very root of the problem. 

There are other options including fractional CO2 lasers. However this is a very aggressive treatment. It also requires long recovery times and multiple sessions that can be expensive.

The Orange County Acne Scar Treatment Solution 

One of the latest innovations in the field is also one of the most effective. Radiofrequency micro needling is being used more and more to treat acne scaring. This latest advancement is different from the other micro needling treatments you might be familiar with.


This innovation targets deeper layers of your skin while leaving upper layers intact. The secret is controlled radiofrequency energy. At Ageless MD we like to refer to this process as micro needling  that’s on steroids.

This procedure requires even less downtime than regular micro needling. It requires a minimum of four distinct sessions that are spaced three weeks apart for the best results.

Some of the other treatments we use here at Ageless MD are FDA approved. Bellafill can last for up to five years and it works by flattening out and stretching scars. Unfortunately it can’t be used on the ice pick variety. 


TCA crosshatch is a much more effective technique for use on that type of blemish. This involves dipping a needle into a solution and inserting the tip into the acne scar. The solution causes the inside of the scar to burn away. That way news skin is allowed to form.


Subcision therapy is another option that we use at Ageless MD. This treatment works on several large scars that have joined together to affect the contour of someone’s skin.

The Orange County Acne Scar Treatment options that we offer can help. Get in touch with us today so we can create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your requirements.