Here’s an Irvine Acne Scar Treatment Primer

We offer Irvine Acne Scar Treatment because we understand that having scars associated with acne can follow you into adulthood and damage your self-esteem. These pits and craters as they are called remind men and women of the problems they had in their teenage years.

Covering over these imperfections with makeup can quite often only make the problem worse. When our clients asked us to put together a comprehensive and efficient Irvine Acne Scar Treatment plan, we started by doing a little research.

Three Types

Irvine Acne Scar Treatment Orange CountyThat’s how we found out there were three different varieties of acne scaring that were most common. One of these are flat crater scars that appear depressed. The second type is deep and very thin and the third variety of acne scar we looked at have rolling edges.

Once we understood the problem, we began to work towards a solution and develop a comprehensive Irvine Acne Scar Treatment. In the end, there are several different approaches to this common problem. For example, one of the tactics we use involves injecting fillers into certain types of acne scars. The materials we use here are FDA approved and can last for up to five years.

Feel Good

Helping our clients feel good about their new appearance and giving them a self-esteem boost is our number one priority. That’s why you’ll be able to find all the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you on our website. Why not take a few minutes to check out the galleries and promotions we offer?

We are proud of all the different cosmetic procedures that we have in our toolbox. That’s why we want to take a minute to mention the wonderful things that Irvine Sculptra Aesthetic can do for you.

Our patients read about the fact this FDA approved filler reduces wrinkles and facial lines. If you’re looking for a more youthful and fuller appearance, this treatment is for you.


This particular option is especially helpful for people who have recently lost a lot of weight. It works and focuses on the parts of your face that have sagged and sank over the years. This specific filler works by increasing the thickness of your skin in the areas that we treat. If you’re looking for a new you that speaks of vitality and confidence, our Irvine Sculptra Aesthetic might be just the thing.