Here’s How a Tustin Dermal Filler Will Enhance Your Appearance

Picking the right Tustin dermal filler can make all the difference when you are looking to reduce wrinkles and create younger looking smoother skin. If you are considering this option, this blog will help answer any of the questions you might have about how long these treatments last, and which ones to choose.

What They Do

Tustin Dermal Filler IrvineYour skin starts to sag as you get older because it loses its elasticity. What’s more,  muscles on your face thin at the same time. Tustin cosmetic fillers look after age-related issues by smoothing out wrinkles and lines and restoring volume that’s been lost.

These fillers are quite often made up of substances like hyaluronic acid that get injected under your skin. They are minimally invasive and they require only a small amount of downtime.

How Long Do Tustin Dermal Filler Results Last? 

How long dermal fillers last depends on several different factors including the product, the patient and the area that’s being treated. Here’s a general rule. The more deeply the product gets injected, the longer it lasts.

Optimal results depend on the amount and techniques used getting adjusted.

Some of these products can last up to 12 months. Others will look good for anywhere from between 2 to 5 years. Several other factors influence the lifespan of dermal fillers like where the product is used on your face and how much is injected.

Your body’s metabolism plays a role. Any filler degrades after a few months and eventually patients will start to notice a decrease in volume. That’s why touchup treatments are necessary.

There are also some common side effects you’ll want to consider. These include tenderness, bruising, swelling and redness that usually go away in a week or two.

How To Choose A Good Provider 

When you’re choosing an injector for these treatments, you need to keep in mind using Tustin cosmetic fillers means you’re undergoing a medical procedure. The process requires someone with specific skills, knowledge and training to ensure both a safe process and natural results.

Make sure the provider has enough experience and training performing these injections. Asking to see before and after photos is a good idea.

With the help of a qualified experienced injector, you’ll get enhancements that will make you feel confident and more youthful at the same time.