Here’s How Newport Beach Kybella Works

Newport Beach Kybella is used in adults to improve their appearance and profiles. It works by moderating fat deposits below the chin which are also called “double chin.” 

There is an active ingredient called Deoxycholic acid in this injectable. If you have an allergy you should not be treated with it. The same goes for patients suffering from infections in or around areas that need to be treated.

Let us know at Ageless MD if you:

  • Have lymph glands in your neck that are swollen.
  • Have any kind of thyroid problems or trouble swallowing.
  • Suffer from hemophilia or any kind of bleeding or blood clotting disorders
  • Have any difficulty swallowing.
  • Have had other cosmetic treatments around your face, chin or neck. We also want to know if you’re planning on having any kind of surgery in these specific areas.

The Newport Beach Kybella For Double Chin Process

Newport Beach Kybella TustinYou are a good candidate for these treatments if you are unhappy or made self-conscious by fat that has built up under your chin. If you exercise and eat well, but this sub mental fullness persists, get in touch with Ageless MD. 


Having these injections done usually takes about 20 minutes. The same syringe can hold up to 50 injections. These can all be given by a qualified practitioner in one sitting. They are made 1 cm apart. After the procedure you can expect some swelling and bruising as well as a bit of inflammation.

The swelling usually disappears after a few days but it could take several weeks. You can resume your normal routine right away. However, we might recommend a compression garment to keep the inflammation to a minimum.

Two Months

Results are apparent after two months. Patients notice their skin tightens up and their double chin dissipates. Although the effects of these cosmetic injections are permanent, gaining weight can cause some chin fat to return.

Newport Beach Kybella is a safe procedure. However, there is a chance of a few temporary problems. These include difficulty swallowing and a lopsided smile. Research indicates that 69% of people who receive these injections notice the difference.

As well, the same study reports that 79% of people who received this product were happier with their overall appearance. Kybella is an excellent option for those people who prefer not to have plastic surgery like a neck lift or liposuction.