Here’s What Newport Beach Agnes Treatments Do For You

Newport Beach Agnes helps to reverse the aging process. As we get older there are several different factors that can change the way we look like sleep deprivation, stress and allergies. Some of these factors can be controlled. However, everyone would agree that you can’t stop the process of aging.

Newport Beach AgnesThis is the device that can help slow down the ravages of time by contouring the face. The process is simple in that it tightens the skin while taking away fat from the face and the neck. One of the immediate bonuses is there is no downtime from surgery. This is a noninvasive procedure that’s safe and effective.

The patients who come to us asking about what this can do inevitably want to know what it treats. We are happy to tell them that it can soften deep wrinkles as well as help to lessen the bags under your eyes. Newport Beach Agnes can treat acne and sculpt the jowl and neck area.

There are several big advantages to this option including precise contouring. This innovation has the ability to reduce the consequences of fatigue and aging by stimulating collagen production. It offers long-term results and is suitable for a variety of skin types including darker tones. 

There are some other features we are especially proud of

These include:

  • The fact this procedure has a micro insulated needle with a built-in safety check.
  • The fact that the needles used are the result of decades of clinical study. We only want the best for our patients here at Ageless MD. That’s why we carefully research all of the products we use.
  • The fact that the whole process protects your skin from being burned. This is especially useful in treating double chin issues and for lower eyelid skin tightening requirements.

How It Works

We find that once our patients understand the process, they are more comfortable. Agnes uses radio frequency technology to deposit energy on targeted tissues. What separates this treatment from the competition is the fact that it targets the energy in specific areas.

For example, if the patient is suffering from acne, Newport Beach Agnes can focus on the sebaceous glands. Likewise, if bags under their eyes are the problem, we can focus the treatment there so new collagen is produced. There is minimal swelling and bruising that can last for a short time.