How and Why This Orange County Liquid Facelift Works Best

We like to tell our clients that the Orange County Liquid Facelift we offer is the best. Why? It gets the results you are looking for. Many patients come to us complaining that they appear aged and worn down. They talk about losing volume in their cheeks and the upper areas of their face. They claim they are losing more volume around the temples and forehead.

That’s where we come in with our Orange County Liquid Facelift treatments. Most people feel young on the inside. We are here to help you match up your physical appearance with your youthful exuberance.

There are some outstanding benefits to this particular treatment. Beyond the lifting your cheeks up, it gives an excellent definition to your chin and jaw. If you’re looking to feel better about your appearance, this could very well be the treatment for you.


Orange County Liquid FaceliftSome of our other patients rave about the way their thin lips have been reshaped. One of the other bonuses is an improved profile. After doing extensive research, we found the product our clients were looking for.  Voluma provides results that can last up to 365 days. That makes it much more effective than other products. It’s quite clearly the best when it comes to Orange County Liquid Facelift products.

Our goal is to provide a complete cosmetic service for each and every one of our clients. The number one priority is 100% client satisfaction. That’s why we offer a variety of outstanding products like Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic too.

Outstanding Results

This is another state-of-the-art product providing proven outstanding results. We are proud to use it  and to point out that it is FDA approved. If you’re looking to reduce wrinkles and facial lines, this is an excellent product that you should consider.

Here’s How It Works

Sculptra® is injected just below the skin’s surface. We carefully choose any areas where there is obvious fat loss or the profile has become sunken in. This product works by gradually increasing the thickness of the skin. After several treatments, the fullness returns to the treated part of your face.

If your cheeks are sunken and hollow, Dr. Tsay can help by taking advantage of this particular product. Sculptra is specifically designed to work with the foundation of your face which is the bone density.

This is one of the latest advancements in the cosmetic field.  These Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic treatments can last for up to two years.