How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

Do you already have one of the most annoying aging symptoms you can’t seem to eliminate? One of the more visible signs of aging that we can’t seem to escape is sagging skin around the jowls. 

A thread lift can be the solution you’re seeking if you want a non-invasive face rejuvenation technique. In most cases, a thread lift lasts about 9-12 months, so it is a good option for a non-surgical procedure.

This blog will give you information about how much a thread lift costs you if you are thinking about doing this procedure for you.


How Much Do PDO Thread Lifts Cost?

Using a small cannula to inject an absorbable polymer into your skin, a thread lift is a non-surgical cosmetic technique that ensures the “thread” gets to the desired area. The polydioxanone (PDO) used to make the thread is readily absorbed by the body.  

A PDO thread lift can range in price based on:

  • The number of threads used
  • The treatment area
  • The practitioner’s experience
  • The clinic’s location. 
According to, the cost of a thread lift can range from $450 to $3,400 depending on the areas treated. However, the average cost is about $2,075. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, choosing a trustworthy and skilled practitioner is essential to guarantee a successful and safe process.


PDO Thread Lift

A non-surgical cosmetic technique called a PDO thread lift is intended to lift and tighten drooping skin. This makes wrinkles and fine lines less obvious. Dissolvable threads are introduced into certain facial regions throughout the procedure to encourage the creation of collagen and produce a lifting effect.
The cost of a PDO Thread Lift also varies on other factors, such as the number of threads used, treatment area, clinic location, and the practitioner’s expertise. Remember to choose an experienced and reputable practitioner for the best results. 


How Much Does a Nose Thread Lift Cost? 



The shape and contour of the nose can be improved using a non-surgical cosmetic technique called a nose thread lift. Under the skin, the threads are introduced to provide minor lifting and contouring effects.

A nose thread lift is a worthy option for a non-invasive procedure with quick and optimal results. The cost of a nose thread lift varies due to the abovementioned factors, landing somewhere between $910 and $2,000. 


Non-Surgical Nose Job 

Non-surgical nose jobs, sometimes called liquid rhinoplasty or nose filler injections, are aesthetic treatments that employ dermal fillers to improve and contour the nose without surgery. 

If you plan on getting a non-surgical nose job, remember the do’s and don’ts to get the best results possible. For example, be sure to follow post-procedure instructions carefully and avoid touching the treated area. 


Nostril Slimming

A cosmetic surgery called alar reduction decreases the size or breadth of the nostrils to give the nose a more slimmer look. Botox injections, dermal fillers, or PDO Threads are often used, offering temporary benefits that persist for several months. It is crucial to evaluate appropriateness and expectations by speaking with a licensed medical practitioner. 


Rejuvenate Yourself At Ageless MD

In order to help patients look and feel their best, Ageless MD offers the most recent nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. The most important thing about these procedures is to contact the right medical professional to perform this procedure for you. 

Dr. Tsay and the rest of the Ageless MD team can treat issues with the skin, including wrinkles and acne, in addition to more advanced procedures like nonsurgical PDO thread lifts and nonsurgical nose operations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.