How To Choose An Irvine Dermal Filler

Choosing an Irvine dermal filler can be an arduous and daunting task. This is especially true if you don’t know too much about the variety of Irvine cosmetic fillers available. You need to sort through all the different products to find the one that does what you want it to do. 

At the same time, you want to be sure that you’re not being upsold by a company that’s just trying to make profit.

Having the right information can help you make an informed choice. The best way to start is to divide your face into three different segments.

The Lower Face 

Irvine Dermal Filler TustinThis part of your face takes in a lot of different movement like talking, smiling and laughing. That’s why you need to use a filler that stretches and integrates. You will also want to pick one that has less projection than other products. That means there won’t be as many bumps and lumps. A good filler here needs to be moldable.

Ageless MD has a few favorites including Juvederm Ultra and Restylane Defyne.

There are some other requirements for the lower part of your face. The jawline and chin needs a product that can remain rigid and keep its shape. Bellafill is one of the best to use. 

Both sexes prefer distinct jaw lines. Thread lifting can also be used to achieve this result.

The Right Irvine Dermal Filler For The Upper Face 

This portion of your face includes both the temples and forehead. A jutting brow bone is a concern for many patients. After you turn 30, your temples can start to hollow. This can also happen because of illness or stress as well as quick weight loss.

A number of different fillers can be used here including a variety from the Juvederm family. Fat transferred from other parts of your body can also be used to fill these areas. This is for patients who are looking for more natural looking results.

Dark Circles 

Patients suffering from dark circles under their eyes require special Irvine cosmetic fillers. A soft filler is preferred here. Ageless MD takes into account eye contact is one of the most immediate forms of communication between people. 

The fillers that get used in the mid-face region serve different purposes. They provide contouring, projection and volume. It’s important to use a filler here that withstands compression.