How To Look After Yourself After Irvine Lip Fillers Treatments

Irvine lip fillers are a minimally invasive procedure that only takes a few minutes. However the results are not permanent and you’ll need to come in for other sessions to maintain full lips.

First off, here are a few benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers. 

  • The treatments can be gradual. The injections can come during different appointments until each patient gets the desired results.
  • There is less swelling and bruising when compared to the other types of dermal fillers.
  • While the results are not permanent, they are long-lasting.

Aftercare is usually quite manageable. Some people are unsure if this is the right procedure for them. It helps to know what to expect after an Irvine lip fillers treatment.

Here are several tips that will fill you in.

  • Staying hydrated is an excellent way to speed the healing process along.
  • Try to avoid sodium if you are suffering with swelling.
  • Try to avoid saunas and steam rooms for at least two days after a treatment session.
  • Stay away from applying makeup for one full day after the procedure.


How Long Will They Last?

These fillers are one of the most popular ways to boost the size of your lips. The recovery time is faster than if you opt for surgery.

Most people lose fat and collagen as they age. It’s a natural process that these lip fillers reverse. Depending on the type of filler you decide on, the results can last anywhere from six months to 18 months.

Once people are determined to be good candidates, they generally want to know about how the process works.


How The Process Works

The first step is scheduling an appointment with a certified board injector. Reading reviews from patients online is a good way to determine what kind of filler you want to use. 

Hyaluronic acid products are considered very safe. Your treatment will be secure as long as you choose a qualified injector.

You will come into our offices on the day of your appointment. A topical anesthetic will be applied to your face. Your bottom and top lips will be numbed with a small amount of medicine.

Irvine lip fillers are injected directly once the anesthetic has taken effect. Some patients report that this part of the procedure makes your chin feel cool. Other people report a mild stinging sensation once filler is injected.