Irvine Agnes: A Great Way To Battle Acne Scars

The Irvine Agnes treatment we provide is one of the ways that we help our patients battle persistent acne scars. This is the remedy that also shuts down overactive oil glands. One of the big benefits here is this process can destroy offending sebaceous glands without injuring the skin.

Irvine Agnes TustinRead on to find out more about what this innovation can do for you: 

  • This is safe and effective. It’s noninvasive and there is hardly any damage to the surrounding skin. Research tells us there is only a 10% reoccurrence of acne after the last session. That makes this process effective and safe.
  • Here’s another big benefit. There’s only minor dryness and redness after your last visit. Generally, that goes away 1 to 3 days afterwards. Many of our patients use foundation and or a tinted moisturizer in the meantime. 
  • Many of our patients ask us how long Irvine Agnes treatments take. Each one lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. We recommend one course that has three sessions each. The first one tackles the problem. The second gets rid of the dead cells and the third removes any of the remaining impurities. 

Here’s a few other things that you should know about this method that clears up troubled skin.

These treatments are different for every one of our patients. For example. One person might only need one session to see the results they want. Others might need several more to see the best results.

Here at Ageless M.D., we generally recommend that patients come in for two or three different visits. Follow-ups should come 3 to 6 months after the first set.

The Benefits

This process is considered very effective because it goes right after the root of the issue. Acne starts when the sebaceous glands are inflamed. Destroying these glands stops acne scarring before it begins.

There are no side effects that require other medications for dry skin or other issues like gastrointestinal problems. This is a safe technique that doesn’t damage surrounding skin.

The Process

Before we start, an anesthetic cream is applied so there’s only minimal discomfort and virtually no pain. After the skin is cleaned, a micro needle is used to destroy the offending glands. A radiofrequency current is applied the next day to clean the skin up.

Irvine Agnes can provide lasting improvements from acne breakouts without side effects.