Irvine Agnes: An Acne Solution That Tackles Troubled Skin

Irvine Agnes is one of the latest innovative treatments that can tackle oil glands that are overactive causing stubborn acne breakouts. One of the bonuses here is these treatments can attack specific sebaceous glands without injuring your skin.

This tool uses a needle that also treats fat underneath the jowls, eyes and chin as well as along the jawline. It does more than just remove the fat in those areas. It actually tightens the skin.

This is a safe and permanent treatment for people suffering from severe acne. It does a much better job than oral and topical medications because these can be temporary. What’s more they can result in some side effects. Irvine Agnes works best on acne that keeps reoccurring in the same area.  

How Safe is This Treatment? 

Irvine AgnesNot only is this safe and FDA approved, it doesn’t damage any of the skin surrounding the treatment site. The goal is to destroy the targeted sebaceous glands. Research points to the fact that less than 10% of patients suffer reoccurring acne after one of these treatments.

Other benefits include the following:

  • The downtime is only minimal. You can expect some minor dryness and redness that should subside in just a few days. Tinted moisturizer or foundation will cover this.
  • The sessions themselves can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Ageless MD applies a topical anesthetic cream approximately 20 minutes before.
  • Treatments are divided up into courses and each of these has three sessions. The first one looks after the problem. The second one removes dead skin cells from the acne prone pores. The third course is designed to remove any impurities and/or debris so your skin looks immaculate.

The results differ with each and every person. For example, some patients only require one treatment. Others need several. Generally, most people receive up to three treatments for a visible and optimal improvement. These sessions can be repeated after 3 to 6 months.

The procedure is simple. After the topical anesthetic cream takes effect, your skin is scaled and cleaned. After that, a small micro needle is inserted into the follicles and sebaceous glands. On the following day, a radiofrequency current will be applied.

Some of the other benefits of Irvine Agnes treatment include eradicating blemishes on a permanent basis and reducing blackheads and pore size.