Irvine Dermal Filler Myths Busted

An Irvine dermal filler is a minimally invasive injection that’s safe. For most of our patients, there are immediate results after even one session. There’s only a little swelling and bruising to be expected and more often than not very little downtime.

Here’s a few myths about Irvine cosmetic fillers that we’ve been able to bust.

It Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Filler Gets Used

Irvine Dermal Filler Tustin

This isn’t the case at all. There’s quite a variety of different fillers available on the market and some injectors might use the cheapest. However, it’s always in your best interest to make sure what’s being injected in your lips has a credible name like Juvederm.

This product has been FDA approved since way back in 2006.

Irvine Dermal Filler Products Look Awkward and Unnatural

These products are specifically designed to replace the volume people lose as they get older. Fat is eliminated and lines and folds are smoothed over. The right injector can help you achieve a youthful natural look  that doesn’t look overfilled or artificial.

The Process is Painful 

Many of the products that get used include numbing agents such as lidocaine. Topical numbing agents can also be used right at the injection site before any treatment. However, very small needles and blunt tipped microcannulas are also used. When combined with an expert injectors, skilled hands, there’s usually very little discomfort.

The Effects are Irreversible

None of the effects are permanent as long as the dermal fillers used have a hyaluronic acid base. The filler can also be instantly dissolved if you don’t like the results using a special substance.

All These Fillers Work The Same Way

You need to choose the right filler that works well in the area that needs to be treated. Today’s products are specifically designed to target certain problem areas. Different factors come into play including your skin quality and facial anatomy. Getting in touch with your local injector to have a consultation is the best first step.

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