Irvine Jaw Slimming and Sculptra Aesthetic: A Great Combination

Dr. Ti Jo “TJ” Tsay is an expert in the field who has been studying the outstanding benefits involved with different procedures like Irvine Jaw Slimming and Sculptra Aesthetic. He grew up in Atlanta Georgia and received his first degree from a university there in chemistry. This professional who knows all about different dermal fillers and lasers as well as Botox also attended medical school in the state of Georgia.

Irvine Jaw Slimming and SculptraHe is qualified to answer any and all of your questions about these procedures and any others. If you’re looking to have something done that can boost your confidence and improve your general attitude, why not look into the combination of Irvine jaw slimming and Sculptra anesthetic?

We have something for everyone including some very specialized treatments for men that you won’t want to pass up. Take a few minutes and read about these services on our website. They will tell you how after a certain age, they start feeling the effects of a decrease in hormones and the accompanying drop in self-esteem.

If you have a hormone imbalance, you’ll suffer with several different symptoms including fatigue and lack of energy as well as insomnia. Men might even gain weight and feel pains in their joints and muscles.


Several Reasons

Added to this can be an appearance of a wide jaw. There are several reasons why this can crop up including the large muscles and more than the usual amount of fatty tissue in your cheeks. Irvine jaw slimming is one of the answers here. Our trusted professionals are always on hand and ready to guide you through the entire process. If you’ve got questions, we would be more than happy to answer them in a free consultation.


Complete Makeover

It is important to us that you get a complete makeover that includes a new you. What better way to face the world than with a renewed confidence and flair? Our Sculptra Aesthetic is just the thing in combination with our jaw slimming process.

Why not take a few minutes to read through the reviews that we’ve posted? They come from people just like you who have used our services and found they exceeded expectations. If you’re interested in tuning up your old life or creating a brand-new one, why not check out our Irvine Jaw Slimming and Sculptra Aesthetic? They’re a great combination.