Irvine Kybella Targets Unwanted Fat

Irvine Kybella is another option we offer. Our clients told us they wanted a nonsurgical injectable technique to target any unwanted fat. For most of them, this was a double chin.

Irvine KybellaIf you’re looking for an FDA approved method to destroy fat cells especially under the chin, this is it. We only use products that are safe and efficient. Our research led us to this particular injectable because it satisfied all of our clients’ needs.

A double chin is quite often a genetic problem. You can’t really exercise away this unwanted fat. People complain this particular issue makes them look heavier and older. They tell us over and over again how a double chin affects their self-confidence too.

Irvine Kybella treatments represent a big advancement over liposuction. This modern technology is much better than standard face or neck lifts. One of the big advantages to this innovation is it is natural. The active ingredient is a molecule that occurs in the body. 

Ageless MD is always on the forefront of the latest technologies in cosmetic surgery. We specialize in a variety of different noninvasive techniques. These are all excellent solutions to common issues like wrinkles and acne.

Why not come into our modern office and find out more about Irvine Kybella today?   

 The Irvine Juvederm Options that Smooth Out Fine Lines 

We are proud of the variety of cosmetic products we carry. They are all industry-leading. For example, if you’re looking to fill in some deep wrinkles, we suggest Irvine Juvederm. Everyone wants to look their best.

 Your facial expressions are affected by age. The older you get, the more collagen you lose. The result is a loss of structure and volume. In other words, your face begins to sag as you grow older.

The Irvine Juvederm fillers we use are safe and effective. Not only that, they stimulate the body to create its own collagen. These treatments generally take under an hour. This particular filler is used on the cheeks and temples as well as under the eyes. It’s a versatile product that can also be effective on the chin and bridge of the nose.

This is just one of the industry-leading products that we offer at Ageless MD. Dr. TJ Tsay and staff can provide the exact solution that you are looking for . The Irvine Juvederm products we carry can be the beginning of a better you!