Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift For A Better You

Dr. TJ Tsay has the experience and dedication to bring his patients the very best in Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift techniques. He has an outstanding educational background and experience in the cosmetic field. Our offices rank in the top 1% that offer these types of fillers.

One of the other advantages that you get with our facility is personalized attention to detail. We only have one injector whereas some of the competition has several people. In the end, that means people looking to have Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift treatments get personalized attention that makes all the difference.

Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift TustinInevitable

We understand that it’s inevitable that your skin will sag as you age. This Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift is a very effective way to look after this problem and others. It has established itself as an excellent way to treat issues that come with aging and it restores the еlаѕtісіtу that makes you look younger.

This Irvine Mint Thread Lift or PDO Thread Lift is a very popular treatment with our patients for several very good reasons. Not only is it FDA approved, it’s an affordable technique that is less invasive and has some other benefits including the fact that this process only needs two types of needles.

Irvine Juvederm: Another Cosmetic Enhancement Option

It’s important to us to make sure that we offer a wide variety of aesthetic procedures. We want everyone who comes to our clinic to leave feeling uplifted with a new sense of self-confidence and purpose.

That’s why we offer all of the latest techniques and some of the more traditional ones like Irvine Juvederm. When our patients told us they were looking for a nonsurgical facelift technique they could trust, we responded with this particular product.

Big Reasons

One of the big reasons that we favor Irvine Juvederm is its versatility. Whether you’re looking just to smooth over a few fine lines or fill in those deep wrinkles that have set in over time, these injectables are good.

There’s nothing left to chance when you use this minimally invasive technique. It’s been proven to be extremely safe and is FDA approved. Not only will this treatment give you a full appearance, you’ll get results that last up to 15 months with Irvine Juvederm.