Irvine Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation: Twin Pulse Results That Last

The science behind the Irvine pastelle laser for pigmentation we use is interesting. Ageless MD is always looking for the latest innovations. We are always looking for the most efficient and affordable way to help you look your best.

Irvine Pastelle Laser for PigmentationThis particular laser can help you with your skin tone. It delivers an intense energy at short intervals for the best results. There is less chance that this Irvine pastelle laser for pigmentation technique will damage surrounding tissue. That’s not a claim that some of the competition’s lasers can make.

This tool also cuts healing time down. It’s a state of the art product providing patients with a more comfortable treatment. There are several excellent reasons why we keep it in our inventory. Making sure that each patient looks their best is our number one priority.

The Irvine pastelle laser for pigmentation has several different uses. The laser peel is designed to brighten and tone your skin. The dermal heating that it provides is designed to create new collagen.

This treatment is very gentle on the skin and it creates what our patients call a porcelain doll complexion. Most only report of very light tingling sensation during treatment. Ageless MD uses a carbon powder as part of the process that absorbs dirt from deep within the pores on your face. 

The Irvine pastelle laser for pigmentation process uses this carbon layer as part of the treatment. 

Irvine Non Surgical Nosejob With Dermal Fillers 

Patients come to us complaining that their nose is disproportionate to their face. For them, we always recommend they take a good look at the Irvine Non Surgical Nosejob With Dermal Fillers we offer. 

Here’s Why

There’s been a revolution in these dermal fillers. New techniques have been able to reshape the contours of your nose. Patients who have defects can have them smoothed over. These new tools only cost a fraction of traditional nose surgery.

There are some other applications where Irvine Non Surgical Nosejob With Dermal Fillers can be put to good use. This dermal filler works wonders for people looking to add volume to their nose in specific locations.

Some patients have an unsightly bump. Dermal Fillers can come to the rescue and smooth that out. In some situations, this product can even be combined with Botox. Patients can see the difference in as little as four weeks.