IV Vitamins

Say Hello to Wellness With IV Vitamins

Everyone seems to always be on the hunt for the next best thing to rejuvenate their body and skin using noninvasive cosmetic treatments. But one of the main things you should always keep in mind is that the healthiest bodies are those that initiate a change from the inside out. As a general rule, external beauty comes from inner balance and wellness, but cosmetic treatments are meant to enhance this natural beauty. Ageless MD is located in the heart of Orange County, where beauty lives, so there’s always a new treatment to give you that beautiful outer skin you’re looking for, and support a healthier inside in the process. Our IV Vitamin therapy can do just that – infuse your tissues with the highest levels of vitamins and nutrients to jumpstart your entire system.

The Most Effective Way to Get Your Vitamins

Some people refer to our IV Vitamin therapy as a ‘beauty drip’, since we deliver a customized cocktail of vitamins, growth factors, and other nutrients that provide you with increased energy, youthful skin, metabolism boosters, and total hydration. When you come in for your IV Vitamin consultation with Dr. Tsay, he will find out what type of improvements you’re hoping to achieve, and will craft a customized IV vitamin drip to address your needs. Often, the thing we want to change is how we feel internally, from the way we’re able to exercise and maintain a healthy weight, to how we sleep and function each day.

You might be thinking, “I take my vitamins, so I’m not sure a Vitamin IV is what I’m looking for.” However, taking a daily dose of vitamins might not be enough. As a matter of fact, when taken orally, many nutrients are not entirely absorbed by the body through digestion, so those vitamins like B12 and beneficial antioxidants won’t have as much of an impact as you think. The majority of vitamins are often diluted and excreted from the system during digestion, which means you may only get five to 50 percent of the touted benefits. The IV Vitamin treatment will allow you to absorb optimal levels of various vitamins and minerals on an as-needed basis. IV fluids can deliver immediate effects, as these essential nutrients are delivered into the bloodstream at their full strength. This fluid infusion of vital nutrients will help you to maintain increased energy overall, without experiencing a crash.

First-time patients will have a full wellness consultation with Dr. Tsay, including a discussion of your medical history, to make sure this therapy is the right treatment for you. Then he will craft your individualized IV Vitamin serum incorporating the following:

  • Antioxidants
  • Glutathione
  • Biotin
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA)
  • B12, 5 and 6 vitamins
  • Vitamin C

We’ve even got some specialized IV concoctions that provide immune support, help get rid of a hangover, boost energy, detox your system, and fight aging. Each session takes 30 minutes, and can be done as you’re having other beauty treatments to further enhance your results. Dr. Tsay recommends one IV Vitamin treatment each week for the best possible results. He personally receives an IV vitamin treatment at least once a week to help him get through his busy schedule.

Call Ageless MD at (714) 760-9918 to schedule your consultation for an IV Vitamin drip, and get ready to change your life!