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Laser Hair Removal Process in Irvine, Newport Beach or Orange County

How Does Laser Hair Removal Process in Tustin Work?

Laser hair removal works by delivering energy which gets absorbed by the melanin (pigment that gives skin and hair color) in the hair. This energy damages the hair follicle thereby inhibiting or delaying hair growth. Hair follicles constantly undergo three phases of growth which includes anagen (active growth), catagen (hair growth slows), and telogen (resting/shedding). The ideal time for laser hair removal is when hair is actively growing in the anagen phase as this is the point where it is most vulnerable to laser damage. It is important to note that each hair follicle may be in a different growth phase from others in the same area at any one time which is why multiple sessions (up to ten treatment sessions) of laser hair removal are necessary.

At Ageless MD, we use the Vikini laser system which operates using an 808-nm diode and comes equipped with a cooling sapphire tip for constant cooling and reducing discomfort during treatment. The 808-nm setting is an optimal wavelength that is safe and effective in all skin types based on the Fitzpatrick scale. The ideal skin and hair color combination that frequently receives the most effective results are those who are fair with dark hair.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Removal Process in Tustin

Energy is delivered and gets absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This energy damages the hair follicle to inhibit or delay hair growth.

There is little to no pain in which most discomfort will be felt in areas where there is more or thicker hair. The discomfort dissipates quickly, especially with the sapphire tip contact cooling system. At Ageless MD, we offer numbing cream for an additional fee.

There is almost no downtime, and you can resume everyday activities afterwards. Redness and bumps immediately after the treatment are normal and will subside in the next few hours.

Most patients need up to 10 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart. While one session can offer drastically improved results, multiple sessions are ideal.

Results of laser hair removal are long-lasting! However, there are factors that can trigger hair growth such as hormones. Touch-ups are common and may be needed over time.

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