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Liquid Facelift Procedure in Orange County, Irvine & Newport Beach

Losing volume in the upper portion of the face, including the cheeks, under the eyes, the forehead and around the temples, can cause the face to appear aged and worn. You don’t want to look older than you are when you still feel young inside, no matter your age. At Ageless M.D. with Dr. Tsay, many of these aging skin concerns have a nonsurgical solution to get you the results you want without an extended recovery time. In Orange County, we know you want to look your best at all times, and that means using flawless cosmetic treatments that won’t give you away. If you want to remain ageless, it’s high time you get curious about the Liquid Facelift using Voluma by Juvederm.

What Is a Liquid Facelift and What Results Can I Expect?

At one time, surgical facelifts were the solution to facial volume loss, sagging skin, asymmetrical nose shape, and a contoured facial profile. However, the Liquid Facelift is the nonsurgical method using Juvederm’s long-lasting dermal filler, Voluma, that can address every issue without going under the knife. The problem with facial volume loss that occurs in the cheeks, chin, around the mouth and many other areas, is that the soft tissues under the skin have started the process of breaking down and have left behind extra space in the skin. While weakened bone structure can contribute to this imbalance and aged visage, broken down adipose tissue (fat cells) and collagen, weak elastin fibers, reduced amounts of naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid (HA’s) and thinning muscle layers, produce this deflated look over time. Voluma injections into the cheeks can restore any limp structures by offering a lifted and fully shaped appearance. While Dr. Tsay administers the Liquid Facelift, you’ll see the difference in your skin immediately and be amazed by the time warp effect. You’ll look ten or more years younger after this Liquid Facelift using Dr. Tsay’s artistic and skillful injection technique, known all over the OC. Voluma is the best dermal filler for a task like this because the lips are plumped, the chin and jawline can be redefined, fine lines and wrinkles virtually disappear, and the face will finally take the shape it once had before age took over. The treatment takes less than an hour to perform, depending on your unique needs.

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Liquid Facelift Benefits:

  • Reduces mild to moderate lines and folds
  • Restores volume loss in the cheeks, forehead, and temples
  • Reshapes thinned lips
  • Defines chin and jaw contour
  • Lifts the cheeks
  • Reshapes the nose
  • Corrects bags under the eyes
  • Improves facial profile
  • Results after injection with Voluma in the Liquid Facelift treatment can last up to about a year, which is more than your average neurotoxin for mild wrinkles. Your friends and family will love the transformation that looks so natural! Call Ageless M.D. to make an appointment for a Liquid Facelift consultation with Dr. TJ today at (714) 760-9918.

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