Look What a Newport Beach Mint Thread Lift Can Do for You

Our patients want simple effective treatments like the Newport Beach mint thread lift. We suggest this procedure for those folks who want to tighten up their skin without invasive surgery. Most people want to look good. They understand that having good skin and contours makes them feel better.

There are several focuses to this minimally invasive nonsurgical thread. It helps as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Newport Beach mint thread lift also helps with other signs of aging like sagging skin.

Two Types

Newport Mint Thread LiftSimple and effective. Those are two of the words that we hear used to describe this procedure. It’s simple because it only requires two different types of injections. Gone are special insertions or unsightly haircuts.

It’s an effective option because it lasts for up to 12 months. Our first priority is making you feel better about yourself. For most people that means having a youthful appearance.


The material used with this procedure is biodegradable. It has an FDA approval so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The whole process can be done without general anesthesia.

We’ve done our research and have years of experience. That’s why when we offer you something like Newport Beach mint thread lift, you can rest assured it’s safe.

A Newport Beach Non Surgical Nose Job Enhances Your Life

First impressions can make a big difference. That’s why our Newport Beach non surgical nose job is so popular. We want you to have the proportionate nose that you want. For you to look and feel your best, it has to be just the right size and shape.

Some of our patients want to improve the contours. Others want their nose to look a little straighter. Still another group wants to get rid of unsightly defects like small bumps. The dermal fillers that we use help with all of these different issues.

Here are just a few ways a Newport Beach non surgical nose job can make a big difference.

These dermal fillers can get the job done when you’re looking to do something as small as enhance the tip. Other patients rave about the results they get using these injections to cover scars.

Still more people come to see us because they have a nasal bump.  Regardless of the change you are looking for, we can help. If you’re looking for a defined and balanced look, a Newport Beach non surgical nose job is the right path to take.