Looking for Newport Beach Penis Enlargement Options? Read This.

Ageless M.D. supplies a variety of aesthetic procedures including Newport Beach penile enhancement for men. We want our patients to have all the necessary information to make good choices. That’s why we’ve put together this blog.

Lotions and Pills 

Newport Beach Penis Enlargement TustinBoosting blood supply to the penis is the way male enhancement lotions and pills work. They are generally loaded with amino acids, chemicals in a variety of other substances.

The downside here is the results are only short-lived.

Here’s some other information that you can use. The Mayo Clinic says the fear that your penis might be too small to satisfy during sexual encounters is common. A little insider information can help you make a good decision. The same information from the established clinic says a penis around 5 inches long when erect is normal.

That should help you decide where you stand if you’re looking for Newport Beach penile enhancement options.


Some men looking for this type of help turn to pumps which are commonly called vacuums. These house your penis in a negative pressure environment which increases blood flow. A ring is placed over your penis after the pump. This helps the results to last for longer periods of time. However, after the ring is removed the penis returns to its normal size.

The Mayo Clinic has some good information on these pumps. It reports that these can be used for treating erectile dysfunction. However, they also report that using these too often can actually cause damage which leads to erections that are less firm.


Surgery is another option. However, like any other kind of operation, there are some risks. Those include the possibility of infection and injured blood vessels and nerves. It’s even possible your penis could suffer scarring as a result of this type of surgery.

That leaves penis enhancement with fillers. There are a variety of different products to choose from here that are FDA approved and safe. Picking the right one means deciding between girth that is semipermanent or temporarily enhanced.

Some of the more popular products that we use here at Ageless M.D. for Newport Beach Penis enlargement include Juvederm Voluma. The best candidates for this treatment include patients whose penis is below average when it comes to width and girth.

Men who experience a lack of self-confidence because of their penis size also make good candidates.