MIC Shot Injections Tustin

Fat Burning Shots in Irvine, Newport Beach or Orange County

What are MIC Shot Injections in Tustin?

Methionine choline (MIC) injections, popularly known as fat-burning shots, are composed of nutrients that help with burning off fatty tissue in the human body. At Ageless MD, our MIC injections are compounded with vitamin B12 which helps to enhance the body’s metabolism and boost overall energy. They can be used in conjunction with weight loss plans such as diet, exercise, and/or our semaglutide weight loss treatment. They can be administered up to two times a week.

How Do MIC Injections Work?

The lipotropic injection contains compounds that temporarily promote metabolic function. Methionine is an amino acid that breaks down fats and lowers the cholesterol within the liver. Choline is a nutrient that supports the liver’s function in filtering waste products and metabolizing fats and cholesterol. Vitamin B12 is a beneficial supplement for enhancing energy and metabolism, burning body fat, and regulating bodily functions like sleep, appetite, and mood. At Ageless MD, our trained staff will administer the MIC shot through an intramuscular injection (common areas include the deltoid or gluteal muscle).

What are the Contraindications / Precautions?

Those with hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up the MIC injection should not receive this treatment. Caution must be taken in those with liver disease (due to the way MIC is metabolized through the liver), acidosis (which can be exacerbated by methionine), and/or hereditary optic nerve atrophy (which can exacerbate symptoms due to cyanocobalamin). Although studies have not determined whether MIC injections are safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, we will not administer this in consideration for the safety of the fetus/infant.

What are the Side Effects?

There are generally little to no side effects with MIC injections aside from temporary pain/stinging/irritation at the injection site; although, some individuals have reported symptoms like nausea and dizziness.

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