Newport Beach Acne Scar Treatment for A New You

One of the biggest benefits to Newport Beach acne scar treatment is a boosted sense of confidence. Some of our patients have been left with craters and pits from their adolescent battles with acne. For many of these people, these are reminders of the grief and damaged self-esteem they suffered through. 

RadioFrequency Microneedling To the Rescue 

Ageless M.D. is always on top of the latest innovations when it comes to treating these types of scars. This tNewport Beach Acne Scar Treatment Tustinreatment targets the deeper layers of skin and actually leaves your outer dermis completely intact. Perhaps best of all is the fact there is very little downtime. The radio frequency energy that is used here makes this procedure more advanced than traditional micro needling treatments. This is the product that can tackle two problems at the same time. It treats acne scars and also active acne.

Other Options 

There are other options when you’re looking to reverse the ravages of acne scarring. We have a full toolkit of different options including Bellafill.  If you’re looking for results that last a long time, this is the option for you. This filler can last up to five years and longer. What’s more, it is FDA approved so you can rest assured it is a safe treatment.

Bellafill is unique because it stretches the scars out and flattens them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the ice pick type of scar.  

Inside Corner

For those, we use TCA crosshatch.  Trichloroacetic Acid 70% is the best way to treat the inside corner of the scar itself. It gets burned off and this allows new skin to start forming inside that crevice.

Deciding on the best treatment means categorizing the scar. Not all of them are the same but they generally fall into one of three categories.

Crater Like 

Depressed ones that are flat and crater like are called boxcar scars. Ones with rolling edges are aptly named rolling scars. The last category is ice pick scars because they are deep and very thin. 

If you are looking for cutting edge advanced treatments, you’ve stopped on the right website. Ageless M.D. specializes in a variety of noninvasive skin and face rejuvenation options. Most of the treatments we offer require an injector. It’s important that you find one who has lots of experience. Remember, you get what you pay for. That’s why we are industry leaders when it comes to Newport Beach acne scar treatment.