Newport Beach Kybella For Double Chin Fights Fat

The Kybella for double chin process we use is a safe injectable that targets its namesake. People who want to get rid of what’s commonly called a double chin get great results with this procedure. We always suggest they consider using it for any pockets of unwanted fat.

The science behind Kybella for double chin are a series of dеоxусhоlіс асіd injections. Here at Ageless MD, we are proud to offer this service. Why? Because it replaces older more cumbersome techniques like facelifts, neck cliffs and liposuction.

Three Treatments

Newport Beach Kybella For Double ChinMany of our patients see a big difference in only three treatments. The active ingredient in this product is a molecule that occurs naturally in your body and helps to break down and absorb fat.  We like to tell our patients that it’s a natural way to look and feel your best.

When they ask us what Kybella for double chin actually does, our experts keep it simple. We tell them the injections destroy fat and boost your self-confidence at the same time.  Making sure you are a suitable candidate is part of the process. It’s important to us to be transparent and to tell you everything that you’ll need to know about these procedures.

That’s why we feel the best candidate is at least 18 years old. If you’ve got difficulty swallowing or you’re nursing or pregnant, you might not be in the best position for this treatment. If you’re planning on having surgery on your chin, face or neck, Kybella for double chin might not be for you.

How Kybella for Double Chin Works

Once we have established that the procedure will be safe and effective, most people want to know exactly how it works. First off, we will take a thorough look at the area underneath your chin. Once we have the information we need, we’ll put together a treatment plan based on our expertise and your goals.

There is nothing left to chance for our patients. This product is administered by an expertly trained professional. There will be several small injections and the process takes less than a half an hour.

Kybella for double chin is safe and effective. The number of injections that you’ll need will depend on your goals and the amount of fat you want removed. These treatments are usually spaced out so they are one month apart.