Newport Beach Microneedling: What It Is and How It Works

Newport Beach microneedling is a treatment that’s been around for nearly a half a century. It uses a series of fine needles to foster collagen production. The end result is smoother tighter skin. The treatment engages your body’s self-healing mechanisms by creating tiny painless punctures in your skin.

Newport Beach Microneedling TustinHere at Ageless MD, we understand the physical changes that happen as we grow older can be hard to accept. Techniques like Newport Beach Sylfirm X Radio Frequency Microneedling are the latest in an ongoing trend to look younger. Microneedling is used on everything from brown spots to stretch marks and pigment issues.

The sessions are spaced a month apart and there are usually up to six. As your tolerance grows, the needles are inserted at a greater depth. Here’s some more information about how the process works. 

  • First a topical anesthetic is used.
  • A dermal roller inserts tiny micro abrasions into your skin next. These punctures send messages to your body. Collagen is produced to heal the wounds.
  • This new collagen helps the skin to look more tighter and youthful.

Keep in mind that your skin might become more sensitized after the treatment. That’s why patients should be careful when applying any kind of serum or product afterwards.

Newport Beach Secret Radio Frequency Microneedling Benefits

The first benefit is cost. Microneedling is cheaper than other treatments. For example a laser treatment can cost almost 4 times more. It also doesn’t use any heat. That makes it a better solution for people with darker skin tones. Lasers that heat up can affect the skin’s pigmentation. 


Microneedling is considered safe although there are small risks. It is possible to have a minor allergic reaction.  For a short time after your treatment, you should stay away from oceans, lakes and swimming pools or other places that have germs.


These techniques are effective ways to rebuild and revitalize your skin. They leave the outer layers of your dermis intact while improving wrinkles and diminishing any scars.

This is an innovative noninvasive method that treats a variety of skin conditions. After one of these sessions you might notice some minor swelling or redness. This is common and nothing to worry about. If you can, avoid wearing any makeup on the day of your appointment and the day after. Usually, you can resume that routine on the third day.