Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation. The New Standard

We are always looking for the latest in technology like the Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation. This is a cosmetic tool that’s rewriting the book on Q-Swіtсhеd lаѕеrѕ. This technology has several features that separate it from the competition.

Those features make it both effective and safe for a variety of different areas that our patients want treated. 

For example, the laser peel treatment is excellent for rejuvenating skin tone and lightning the skin. If you’re looking for skin tone resembling a porcelain doll, we recommend Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation.

Complete and Safe

Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for PigmentationThe process that we use is complete, safe and thorough. We use a specially designed carbon lotion. It’s the beginning stage. The lotion absorbs any dirt that might be resting in the pores of your face. It’s always best to start a laser treatment with a clean surface.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that has made our facility an industry leader. This type of process is excellent for reducing acne at the same time.

We use a carbon paste next. The laser picks it up later on as we move across your skin. The idea behind the treatment is to reduce the size of your pores. The laser also helps to produce more collagen. The end result is a healthier look that includes reduced wrinkles and lines.

Best of all, the whole Newport Beach Pastelle Laser for Pigmentation process is painless.  Patients tell us that it feels a lot like little pins and needles as we work across your face.

There are quite a few benefits including a reduction in pore size. Patients have reported their  acne cleared and their skin tone improved. Overall, one of the most noticeable results is a much cleaner complexion.

Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic—FDA Approved and Safe

Everyone wants to look younger and that’s what this particular FDA product can do for you. Here at Ageless M.D., we are always looking for the most innovative treatments. Finding the best techniques to give you a more youthful appearance is our number one priority.

Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic provides our patients with the kind of excellent results they are looking for. It works on a variety of different facial areas. Some of the places that get outstanding results are those you might not expect. 

For example, we’ve had excellent reports from patients who suffer from hollow cheeks and concave temples. Our Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic team is at the ready.