Newport Beach Penis Enlargement Helps With Confidence

Newport Beach penis enlargement is a treatment that’s designed to help with the self-esteem and confidence of a man. Dermal fillers can be used to increase the girth. 

There are several different fillers that can be used. They can increase the girth of your penis on a temporary or semipermanent basis. The products that we use here at Ageless MD include Juvederm Volumna. 

  • This is an internationally respected product line. Depending on the one that you use, you can get results that last for up to 24 months.
  • Τhis is the dermal filler that can integrate into your tissue in as little as one week after injection. It blends seamlessly with your skin and that’s a major feature when it comes to Newport Beach penile enhancement.

There are some excellent benefits to penile enhancement using dermal fillers. These include the fact there’s no surgery and most patients will see immediate results. Some of the other benefits include the fact the treatment takes less than an hour and many patients report enhancement that lasts for a long time.

Normal Activity

There are no scars, anesthesia or stitches involved. That means using dermal fillers to enhance the girth of your penis isn’t painful. Most of our patients can resume normal sexual activity within two weeks.

Newport Beach Penis Enlargement Candidates

The best candidates for this procedure include men who suffer with lack of confidence because of the girth and size of their penis. Those who get the most from these procedures will have realistic expectations about what can cannot be achieved using dermal fillers.

Qualified Professional

Keep in mind that any kind of penis enlargement procedure should only be performed by a qualified professional. Strict medical standards need to be adhered to. Prior to any treatment, we would like to take a look at your medical history.

Once we deem a candidate suitable, the process can begin.

  • The penis is sanitized and we use a local anesthetic.
  • The hyaluronic acid based filler is then injected just under the dermis. 
  •  The fillers that we use are integrated with lidocaine which reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings and decreases any discomfort. 

Keep in mind that the procedure we use increases the girth of the penis but not necessarily the length. Recent studies point to the fact that most patients are satisfied with the results and don’t report any complications.