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Sculptra Butt Lift in Orange County, Tustin

Sculptra Butt Lift in Tustin is a special product that is used to thicken the skin and stimulate collagen growth using micro-invasive injections deep to the skin and above the level of the muscle. it is different than a fat graft, because the end result is your own collage being formed which gives the augmentation and there is no obvious down time required except for some mild discomfort of the bum a few days afterwards.

Buttock augmentation continues to rise in popularity, in response to a growing appreciation for the behind. With more and more would-be patients examining their buttocks and hoping for a subtle boost, the question then becomes – is there anything that can be done without surgery? Traditional fat grafting is still the most popular surgical method to augment ones buttocks, assuming the patient has enough fat to harvest. If a person has very minimal fat and are not a good candidate for the fat transfer, an implant can be inserted to give the same effect. Non-surgical buttock augmentation is now a possibility, thanks to the help of a facial injectable called Sculpta.

How Does Sculptra Butt Lift Work?

First, local lidocaine is injected into the areas that the cannula is going to be inserted. Sculptra at a special concentration is injected into specific areas of the buttock using a small blunt cannula. Depending on the desired level of augmentation, most patients require about three treatments, six to eight weeks apart. Although results can be noticed as six weeks after the treatments, the optimal outcome is not noticed until about six months after the procedure.

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How many Vials Does Sculptra Butt Lift in Irvine Need?

This is a very customizable treatment and varies greatly from patient to patient. The number of vials and how many treatments depends on the patient’s current butt volume and their desired volume. It varies from 2 vials per buttock for minor cellulite irregularities or minor dimpling, or upwards or 10-30 vials per session for a more robust buttock augmentation.

Irvine Sculptra Butt Lift Benefits

Sculptra butt lifts in Irvine are done without incisions, sutures, or surgery. This makes the Sculptra butt lift an ideal solution for patients who desire a better-rounded and more appealing backside without the need for a lengthy and potentially painful recovery period. We can even customize the procedure to give you fullness in areas that you may have not considered before, such as the sides of the hips or sides of the buttocks to essentially give a more “curvy” profile. The very fact it is a non-surgical procedure is a benefit for many people interested in natural-looking buttock augmentation.

Since it is non-surgical, there are no risks of bleeding, infection or adverse reactions to anesthesia related to Sculptra butt lifts. What’s more, recovery complications, physical limitations, and time away from desired activities are avoided when buttock augmentation is done with Sculptra.

In summation, Sculptra butt lift requires:

  • Requires no incisions or sutures.
  • Can be used to customize your desired buttock shape and size.
  • Does not require a lengthy recovery period.
  • Can be completed in under an hour.
  • Offer results for up to 2-3 years.
  • Produces a natural-looking firmness to the buttocks.

What are the side effects for Sculptra Butt Lift?

Discomfort at injection site, burning, redness, mild drainage, swelling and bruising are the most common effects.

How Long Does Recovery Take after Sculptra Butt Lift treatment? How Long Do Results Last?

There is minimal downtime – you may have some bruise marks at the injection site that may last for 7-10 days, but that is it. Other rare complications include the formation of small nodules under the skin, which may have to be treated by a doctor for resolution. Patients are encouraged to massage the area throughout the day for the first five days after the procedure. Maximum results may last 18 months to two years after the injections. However, a small degree of patients may see improvements lasting much longer.

If you are interested in improving the aesthetic appearance of your buttocks without the downtime, the non-surgical Sculptra butt lift may be the answer you are looking for Dr. Tsay and his team at Ageless MD have a keen eye for attractive butt shapes and know how to get you to your goal.

If you’ve got any questions about the Sculptra Butt Lift treatment in Tustin or anything else that concerns you, we are happy to answer them.

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