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Nonsurgical Facelift HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) in Irvine, Tustin.

At Ageless MD we specialize in non-surgical approaches to facial and skin rejuvenation. At times we will recommend to our clients that the best option for them is a surgical facelift or necklift, or even a surgical browlift. Clients often express that they would prefer not to go under the knife and to try other modalities first. We already use dermal fillers in our “Liquid Facelift” procedure as well as PDO MINT threads to redrape sagging skin and pull up mild to moderate jowling and nasolabial folds. Now there is another alternative that doesn’t even require any injections and feels like you are receiving a warm massage to the face.

Our facelifting device uses HIFU- or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and coined the name “20-Minutes Miracle Face Lift”. It delivers effective, pain-free, and easy results. Painful surgical face lifts are becoming more and more a thing of the past. Patients are now preferring treatments with little downtime and painless treatments as opposed to other alternative painful treatments. This treatment has no down time and no side effects, and shows immediate results.

The treatment does not require any topical anesthetic. The entire face takes 20-30 minutes to complete and most patients describe a 2-3/10 pain score. There is Ultrasound conductive and cooling gel applied first and the smooth, round probe is gently rubbed on the skin in circular motions. The HIFU device then delivers ultrasound energy, which in turn conducts heat 65*C (the thermal effect, thermal energy) to the SMAS- deep muscular layer of the skin. The surface of the skin is not heated because the HIFU energy specifically targets the deeper levels and spares the surface of the skin so there is no chance of burning as with lasers. After the thermal effect has been delivered to the target points with HIFU energy, it stimulates the natural regeneration of collagen.

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The beauty of the non-surgical facelift is how safe and comfortable it is. With our HIFU machine, our patients see the results immediately and are more willing to come in for follow-ups since it is quick and easy for both the technician and patient and requires basically no down time. Our technician usually does half the face first and shows the patient a mirror. It’s obvious when compared side-by-side that there is an obvious lift. Similar devices on the market require 6-8 months in order to see the effects.

This treatment requires a series of 3-5 sessions spaced a minimum of 2 weeks apart. You can return to work immediately after the treatment is done and look years younger already. The lifting, toning, and firming effect has now begun and lasts up to 9-12 months after the series has been completed. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the face laxity.

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