Orange County Agnes Treatment: Here’s How It Works

Orange County Agnes treatment focuses on shutting down overactive oil glands that occur over and over in the same spots. One of the big bonuses here is this treatment can destroy the offending sebaceous gland without injuring the surrounding skin.

Safe and Permanent

The treatment uses a tiny microscopic needle and a radiofrequency current. This tool gets inserted into an offending oil gland. It’s a safe and permanent treatment that does a better job than oral and topical medications. These only supply temporary results and quite often side effects.

The Orange County Agnes Procedure 

The procedure that we use here at Ageless MD is simple and straightforward. Approximately 30 minutes before we start, our highly qualified staff will apply a topical anesthetic cream. That way there was only be minimal discomfort through any other part of the process.

Scaled and Cleaned 

Once that takes effect, your skin will be scaled and cleaned. Then the process itself begins with a tiny micro-needle being inserted into a sebaceous gland and skin follicle.

After that, another radiofrequency current is used to take away any remaining impurities and debris.

Safe and Successful

Perhaps best of all is the fact that this treatment is highly successful and safe. Once the offending sebaceous glands have been destroyed, acne isn’t likely to recur. In fact research points to the fact that less than 10% of people who undergo this procedure suffer from reoccurring acne one year after the final session. 

Here are some other advantages.

  • There is only minimal downtime. Dryness and redness can be expected but that’s usually mild. Most of our patients find even those symptoms subside in just a few days. Many use a moisturizer or a foundation in the meantime.
  • Each session is quick. In fact treatments usually last somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

For each course , you can expect there will be several sessions. The first aim to treat the problem itself. The day after you come back in for a second treatment to remove any dead skin and sells from the problem areas.


The third day is where any debris or impurities will be dealt with. Keep in mind that the number of treatment sessions is different for each patient. Some people only need one Orange County Agnes session. Others need several for visible and optical improvements.