Orange County Jaw Slimming Works Wonders

Our Orange County Jaw Slimming procedure is designed to help people who appear to have jaws wider than they would like. This might be the result of having that part of their body enlarged or an excess of fatty tissues in the cheeks. Other possible reasons include a mandible that’s protruding.

Orange County Jaw Slimming IrvineOne of the reasons people appear to have a wider jaw has to do with aging. As we get older, the bony structures lose mass in our face and skin that starts to sag will give off the appearance of a wider jaw.

Dr.Ti Jo has experience with people who suffer from this particular ailment. He understands that the best way have a younger appearance is to narrow the lower part of the face. One of the ways to do that is to use the most state-of-the-art products and Orange County Jaw Slimming injections.

These injections are designed to give a more youthful appearance and optimize the volume distribution of anyone’s face. The end result is a taunt appearance to the skin with sharp and clear contours.

If you take a look at our website, you’ll see the difference these injections can make. The normal process of aging results in slack contours that end up with a wider chin line.

Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic—Another Excellent Choice

This is another one of the products that can help you feel better and look great. One of the best advantages here is Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic is FDA approved. This is the particular treatment that’s popular with many of our patients for a variety of excellent reasons.

For example, it reduces the lines and wrinkles in your face to create a more full and younger appearance. Perhaps best of all is the fact that it does this by producing new tissue and collagen. In other words, it stimulates your body and motivates it to help you look younger the same time.

A Natural Look

Our patients tell us time and time again how Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic is the perfect choice to elevate sagging skin and provide a natural look. One of the ideal candidates is someone who has just had surgery. Other prime patients are folks who lost a little too much fat from their face due to biking or running long distances.

Orange County Sculptra Aesthetic is also the treatment of choice for people who have lost weight due to stress.