Orange County Kybella Recovery Tips

Orange County Kybella is an effective nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. What’s more, it’s much less intensive than surgery. Still, there’s recovery after you have Orange County Kybella for double chin treatments.

Here are a few tips to make that part of the process go smoothly.

Avoid Fancy Products

You need to wash the area after treatment. However, you should watch out for any fancy products that can irritate injection sites. For many patients, having this procedure done has only a small effect on their daily routines. For a few days afterward, clean the injection site twice a day.

Don’t Touch The Treatment Site

There might be a little swelling after Orange County Kybella. It’s a good idea not to touch the injection site until the swelling goes down. Usually, you’ll see results within 24 hours.

Keep An Eye Out For Infection

Increasing signs of redness or fever are usually red flags. Although the risk is small, any injection that breaks the skin can cause an infection. That’s why it’s important to have these treatments done in a hygienic environment by skilled practitioners.

Use Ice After Orange County Kybella Injections

Many people who have these treatments describe the feeling of warmth afterward like a mild sunburn. Other common side effects include mild bruising and swelling. Icing the injection site can help. This technique can lessen the swelling and you should start right away and continue on for 24 hours.

Stay Away From Alcohol

You want to minimize any bruising after treatment. Keep in mind that alcohol increases blood flow and expands blood vessels. To minimize any bruising, you should avoid drinking wine or any kind of alcohol for the first 24 hours.

Prop Yourself Up

For several days after the session, you should rest with your head elevated above your heart. That drains blood away from any areas that can bruise. It also helps to reduce any discomfort and pain you’re feeling. Avoid strenuous exercising for several days after. You’ll need to give the injection sites time to heal to get the best results. 

Ageless MD is proud to offer Orange County Kybella for double chin injections. These work underneath your chin and other areas where small pockets of fat gather.  Even people who maintain a healthy weight can find themselves suffering from a double chin. These people feel that they look older and heavier and their self-confidence is affected.

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